5 Reasons Why Business Owners Spend Thousands of Dollars to Acquire Premium Domains

Premium domain names are those that were registered a long time ago, have probably been used and are available on the market for resale. They are characteristically short and memorable and are usually .com domain names. If you’re a domain name enthusiast, you know that large businesses and companies spend a ton of money to acquire premium domains. The reason is simple: premium domains can help your business grow quickly. When you start your business off with a premium domain name, you have a significant advantage over competitors who start with newly registered domain names. It can also help you differentiate your enterprise from others in the ever-crowded online marketplace. Here is an expanded list of the advantages of premium domains:

Premium domains offer your immediate brand recognition

Premium domain names have the following elements; short, easy to remember and easy to recall. These elements are tough to get when it comes to branding. For example, look at domain names like amazon.com, facebook.com, and microsoft.com. It’s easy to see that they are pretty short, simple, easy to recall and easy to spell, which explains why they’ve had a monumental success. Such premium domains save businesses and company a ton of money they could have used in their branding campaigns. A domain name gives your business credibility, if you want to learn how to achieve this, go to Shopify.com/domains.

Premium domains come with a myriad of SEO benefits

While Google still ranks keyword-rich domains, you can skyrocket your Google search ranking with premium domains. How? Well, the fact that premium domains are short, easy to remember and easy to spell, they are construed as authoritative by online searchers and other website owners. Therefore, more people will visit your website, and if they find the information valuable, they will stay longer. If you understand Google ranking algorithm, then you know that dwell time is a ranking factor. Therefore, if people stay longer on your web pages, your search engine rankings will increase. Also, other website owners like to link to authoritative websites. So your site will get a lot of external links. External links have been proven to skyrocket any website’s search engine rankings.

Premium domains attract a ton of traffic to websites

Because premium domains are short and easy to recall, most online searchers type them directly in their browsers, rather than search through search engines. This means that a lot of organic traffic will be coming to your website every day. We all know that organic traffic has a high conversion rate, and it can help your online business to grow quickly.

Premium domains bring immediate trust and authority to your business

Online searchers will trust your business immediately if they find out that your domain is premium. Online searchers do extensive research before they can part with their money online. And part of their research includes finding relevant websites or e-commerce stores with premium domains. So if you use a premium domain for your site, it’s a sign of authority, and online searchers will immediately develop trust in it and only buy through it.

Premium domains are great for offline marketing campaigns

If you intend to use offline marketing channels like television, radio, billboards, and print ads, premium domains are great. Premium domains are short and easy to remember, which means when you use them in your offline advertising campaigns, people can recall it and visit your website when they are free, without having to write the domain name on a piece of paper. This kind of convenience can bring a ton of traffic to your website, hence more sales.


While quality content is the key to ranking your website high on search engines, a premium domain can play a critical part. So if you’re a new startup online business owner, prioritize a premium domain name, instead of registering a new one. A premium domain can help you grow your business quickly.



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