5 Common Myths About Free E-commerce Websites Builders Dispelled

E-commerce Websites Builders

5 Common Myths About Free E-commerce Websites Builders Dispelled

There are a lot of myths about website builder free that could discourage you from using them to create your websites or e-commerce platforms. Most believe that free website builders ruin the reputation of your site. In this segment, we dispel these myths:

Website builder free will limit your site

Some few years ago, web builders just could not match custom design websites regarding usability. This is not the case anymore. In fact, with a free website builder, you can have a wide range of features, widgets, and much more to boost the functionality of your website with less work input. You can easily generate a flash banner using a flash generator in a matter of seconds. You can integrate social media platforms by copying and pasting the code in your website.

Even free top websites builders can make your site look cluttered

While free web builders don’t offer you the kind of functionalities you want, they provide an option to customize your site. If you’re not okay with your header being on top, you can drag it where you want it to be. You can quickly delete the stock images on your website and add yours.

Your site won’t rank high on Google if you create it with website builder free

This is a very misleading myth. These days, even free website builders are search engine friendly. The thing is; as long as your website is online, you have an equal opportunity to rank high on search engines. It just depends on the quality of content you generate and optimization techniques you utilize.

Visitors can tell if you build your website with website builder free

This myth has some grain of truth. For example, some free website builders display a lot of static or pop up ads on your free website. They do so to compensate the fact that they are offering you a free platform to create your website and host it. But some free website builders give you the option to remove the ads.

Website builder free is difficult to use

Some free website builders can be hard to use, but most have user-friendly interfaces. You only need to get acquainted with where everything is, and you can start building your website.


So with these myths dispelled, you have no reason to shy away from creating your website using free website builder. In fact, as a beginner business owner, this is the best option as it will save you a ton of money as you get your feet wet in the online business landscape.

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